How Much does a Nobel Prize Winner Wins?

Have you ever wondered how much these geniuses actually receive?

The Nobel Foundation announced on Monday that the financial reward for this year’s winners will raise with one million crowns, the equivalent to 105.000 euros.

Laureates of the Nobel Prize 2017 for Medicine are Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for their incredible research in controlling the molecular mechanisms of the circadian rhythm.

By using fruit flies as an organism, this year’s Nobel Prize winners have managed to isolate a gene that can control the daily biological rhythm.

Experts have proven that this gene has a protein that can accumulate inside the cell overnight and degrades throughout the day.

Following the analyzes, the three researchers identified protein components by which the mechanism underlying the rhythm inside the cell could be exposed.

Currently, we can recognize the biological functions of circadian rhythm through the same principles in cells of multicellular organisms, including those of humans, says the Nobel Prize laureates 2017 for Medicine.

The rest of the Nobel laureates are going to be announced within the following days.

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