The universities that have produced the most billionaires

One study has revealed that 75 of the richest 100 people have graduated college

The chances of becoming a billionaire may increase if you study engineering or if you get a job in sales, according to a survey by Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment Agency, reviewed by Business Insider.

The research was based on Forbes’ world’s 100 richest people, meant to reveal what they have studied in college, which were their first jobs and how rich they had become.

The study revealed that 75 of the 100 richest people have graduated, and 22 of them have studied Engineering.

53 of them started to work in a company, 19% in the sales department, and 17% as brokers.

Meanwhile, 17% of the richest people in the world started to work by setting up their own business.

The universities that produced the most billionaires:

  1. Engineering – 22
  2. Business – 16
  3. Finance and Economics – 11
  4. Law – 6
  5. Computer Science – 4

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