The truth about the FOREX market


On the “Foreign Exchange” market (FOREX) you will find all kind of transactions carried out via the internet with the help of a trading system.

The most important knowledge you need when you make your debut in this market is the legal aspects.

What rights do you have, what the risks are, what laws and norms you have to take into consideration and respect, which authorities are responsible for monitoring that market and, of course, where you can address if you spot any irregularities.

Also, any financial knowledge is essential because only by being familiar with the FOREX terminology you can understand and interpret relevant information regarding the evolution of the market.

FOREX has nothing to do with playing the “lottery” or “gambling”

Even though the foreign exchange market has a specific degree of imprudence, currency oscillations are not the result of random raffles or extracts, but of well-known events that can be revealed before or after the effect is produced.

The advertisements made for this type of trading make it clear that the investors would only gain, while the critics of these advertisements say the opposite, the reality being that the loss or gain comes from the transaction results, which is not completely true.

The most vulnerable category of FOREX rookies is the one who believes that by placing all their savings on the market, they will multiply their earnings in a short notice.




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